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The Technology

What is the technology we offer?

Photobiomodulation (PBM) technology. Some refer it to it as light therapy, low level light therapy, LLLT, photonic medicine and other off shoot names. When you begin using this light therapy, you will quickly discover how remarkable this advance technology is and the countless and highly efficacious uses for the human body. LED (PBM) systems are close to cold laser (PBM). Both are PBM, both utilize the same light wave nanometers, both can be pulsed at various hertz rates to initiate the body’s own innate healing ability. Both come in mono and polychromatic applications (polychromatic is more than one light wave at a time), both create similar physiological changes at the cellular level. Laser is coherent and LED is incoherent, meaning laser is concentrated to a narrow field and LED is a much wider field and thus, can treat large bio sites at a time.

Our Equipment is:

FDA cleared, powerful, effective, ergonomic, completely safe, and easy-to-operate our LED Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy) Systems. Our Light therapy (photobiomodulation) systems feature with preset frequencies designed for peripheral
neuropathy and nerve pain care. The 2-port controller includes both automatic and manual frequency programs and 2 backlite displays

Our LED Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy) Systems are proven to work effectively with decades of usage and thousands of satisfied patients. You will find our SMD LED Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy) Systems to highly advanced, powerful, comfortable, versatile, ergonomic, safe, relaxing, and extremely easy to use while delivering effective results!

How does our boot’s & pad systems stack up against the competitors?

The Pulsed Neurocare 240 ankle high podiatry boot features the most advanced SMD (surface mounted diodes) microchip technology available for light therapy.

Most products on the market, use the older 5mm “through-hole” diode technology to deliver light photons into the body tissue. It is time we shed light on a far newer and superior technology in the form of SMD (surface mounted diodes) used in the Pulsed Neurocare systems.

SMD’s offer several advantages over their “through-hole” counterparts, including their reduced size, multi-color frequency capabilities for each SMD, improved beam angle, and wider aperture, meaning less heat and more balanced light disbursement into the tissue.

With the older “through-hole “LEDs, you will find that they are accompanied by a lot of extra accouterments creating additional expense for the manufacturer, including the wire leads, as well as additional optical light diffusers. With an SMD, most of this extraneous material is surplus to requirements, leaving only the part of the LED that emits light remaining. The obvious advantage here is that more SMDs can be added to the boots and pads increasing the power and effectiveness over the through-hole component. Pulsed Neurocare uses the large 5mm SMD’s for added power out-put as well. The absence of a light diffuser also allows for an improved beam angle covering larger areas of tissue cells during a treatment session.

5mm “through Hole” diodes have an incredibly narrow distribution of light, mostly commonly 20-30-degree angles creating more heat because the epoxy casing acts as a focusing lens. This equals fewer cells receiving light during a session. A narrow spread of light may be beneficial in some purposes such as treatments that is being performed at long distances, but when we are considering PBM pads, a narrow pin-point spread is not ideal. The “through holes” are closer to a laser diode spread of light than SMD.

Another negative of the “through-hole” is that because they are only a single frequency, most manufacture’s alternate 850nm NIR and 630nm Red every other row. This coupled with the narrow spread of the “through-hole” light creates significant coverage voids into the tissue. SMD’s on the other hand house multiple diodes in each chipset, allowing for a combination of wavelengths being able to be emitted from a single chip set casing. This is beneficial over an entire pad, as both 850nm and 630nm wavelengths are in each chipset and are evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the pad and are devoid of dead spots of the polychromatic light. So, our 120 chipsets are 240 highly efficient and powerful diodes. Compare this to our competitors who are 100-120 through-hole diodes.

In addition, Pulsed Neurocare SMD’s have a much larger spread, with a light emitting angle of 120-degrees (versus 20-degrees of 5mm LEDs). The bigger the spread, the bigger the target area is exposed to beneficial photobiomodualtion light, which equates for a better treatment and thus, better results. SMD omits less heat and allows a higher power output and thus more joules entering the cells. In further contrast, the light from an SMD is very diffused, which makes them more suitable for medical applications that require a wide beam angle

The SMD are flat and reset diodes. Pulsed Neurocare takes great care to make sure that we also deliver added comfort on our boot systems for patients during use. Our competitors will have you believe that the older “through hole” technology featuring protruding diodes is by design so when these diodes stick into your patients’ tissue and bone, it is closer to the effected tissue and yields better results. LED PBM penetration studies strongly contradict this nonsense. In fact, the number one complaint from patients is the uncomfortable of protruding diodes, especially if they have edema or other tissue sensitivity.

Other notable features: The Pulsed Neurocare 240 thigh high boots and the lumbar/nerve pad 440 features build in straps making your set up easier and faster than ever before.

Add this all up and you can see why Pulsed Neurocare is light a much better choice for your home system!

How do our controllers compare to the competition?

The Pulsed Neurocare 2-port Neurocare controller unit features cutting edge technology and utilizes the most advanced firmware ever on the market. We do not just offer a limited inline controller like many do. We provide a controller with robust preset frequencies setting so you can effectively use you stems anywhere on your body requiring care.

One system can do it all

  • Nerve and lumbar Pain Athletic recovery
  • Brain acuity
  • Joint care
  • Anti-aging
  • Cosmetic applications
  • Lymphatic System care (strengthen immune system) TMJ
  • Lesions
  • Macular degeneration
  • And much more

Why are the Neurocare Pro products the best choice for you LED system?

Advanced firmware in our controllers and SMD technology microchip technology in our pads and boots.

Our Philosophy:
By placing your trust in Pulsed Neurocare you can rely on our support. We will coach you through your neuropathy or nerve care program. You will not be alone on this. We provide a robust support program. Our company philosophy Our job does not end when you buy your system, it begins. And we take that very seriously!

As a Pulsed Neurocare client, you will be provided educational materials on the use of our systems to help you get started quickly including life-style tips on how better to prepare your body for your home therapy sessions. Our continuing free support will keep you up to date with access to the latest information, results, and advancements pertaining to our LED Light Therapy equipment. As the usage tips advances these updates will be available for you to learn on the Pulsed Neurocare website

Pulsed Neurocare operates a Pulsed Wellness center to work with live patients to develop advanced equipment and refined protocols on live patients to further advance the technology as well as our protocols.

FDA Registered Facility:
Pulsed Neurocare LED Light Therapy Systems are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and subject to regulation and inspection requirements. Our manufacturing is also ISO certified.


  • All our systems come with a 1-year Warranty.
  • Controller repair is available after the Warranty period.

Our versatile Photobiomodulation Light Therapy Systems can be used in many ways and are extremely effective for:

  • Peripheral neuropathy (More than 3 million new cases of Peripheral Neuropathy are diagnosed each year in the US alone.)
  • TBIs, Concussions, and Strokes – circulation is increased
  • Joint, Muscle, & Soft Tissue Pain – pain is relieved & inflammation is reduced
  • Back & Shoulder Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Physical, Mental, and Emotional Stress is reduced
  • Skin Ailments and Rejuvenation

With just a low investment in Neurocare Systems, our versatile equipment will allow you to treat multiple afflictions for your patients and deliver a multitude of benefits.

Purchase your Pulsed Neurocare system today and you will quickly discover how our state-of-the-art Medical Photobiomodulation Therapy Systems can restore the quality of your life and eliminate the dangerous pain medication from your life.

MADE IS THE USA- REALLY??? Our competitors make a claim they are made in the USA. Well, this may not be what you think it is. Some of our competitors assemble incredibly old technology and cheaply made product in the USA and sell it at a premium price supported by inaccurate claims that it is made/manufactured in the USA. The truth is that every single component they use to assemble the pads and controllers are made in China. This includes the diodes, neoprene, PCB boards, cables, plastic controller casings and power source are ALL made in China. Yes, it is true they do assemble in the USA and place it in a box. That is not made in the USA, that is assembled in the USA and that is the reality of it.


Our Guarantee

Pulsed Neurocare LED therapy systems are highest quality, advanced and affordable Photobiomodulation (light therapy) boot systems on the market. Maintaining our elite status is not taken lightly and we continue to strive to improve the technology and protocols at our Pulse Centers. Our job does not end when you order your system, but rather it begins. We are here for you and will coach you through the process of using this equipment with your home care and will provide you lifestyle tips to further add to the success of your self-care.

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