The Company

Pulsed Neurocare Center LLC was founded with two important goals in mind.

First, to create a Neurocare center that was cutting edge and filled with space-age technology and two, deliver, efficacious and high-value care program to patients at an affordable cost.

Pulsed Neurocare takes great pride in the fact that we are dedicated to the advancement of the LED Photobiomodualtion (light Therapy) equipment and testing of the required protocols to use with our systems, so our patients receive the Best results possible!

We take pride in being the best pulsed light manufacturer globally

The Pulsed Neurocare Home equipment are FDA-cleared Class all medical devices and are the most advanced, innovative, and highest quality light therapy equipment pad & Boot systems available on the market.

The Neurocare Pro Clinicians spent countless hours in our Neurocare Center using our advanced systems on live patients, which allowed us to further advance the technology and protocols to make sure our patients have the most advanced systems and efficacious protocols available to add to their wellness. Because patient results matter!!

Doctors & Clinics Love Us

We’re A True Partner

Doctors and clinics highly value Pulsed Neurocare red light products for their exceptional efficacy in enhancing patient outcomes across a variety of conditions. These products utilize advanced pulsed light technology, which is specifically designed to maximize cellular activation and repair, promoting faster recovery and effective pain relief. The versatility of these devices allows healthcare providers to tailor treatments to individual patient needs, whether it’s managing chronic pain, accelerating wound healing, or improving skin health.

Moreover, Pulsed Neurocare’s commitment to quality and safety—evidenced by rigorous testing and FDA registration—instills confidence among medical professionals, making these products a trusted choice in clinical settings. This reliability, combined with the proven therapeutic benefits of red light therapy, makes Pulsed Neurocare a favored option among doctors and clinics looking to provide the best in patient care.

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