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Neuropathy Boots for Feet

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Buy your red light pads direct. Our FDA registered boots once sold to Doctors & Clinics only is available to the public for purchase.

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Our commitment to quality in manufacturing is critical as we maintain one of the toughest standards of Photobiomodulation manufacturing.

Peripheral Neuropathy Boot Relief

It’s Not the Same

You’ll see products that look similar throughout the internet… some even lie outright unfortunately. Use the best.

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We’re obsessed with quality and offer a 100% product warranty.

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Red Light Therapy Products

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Pulsed Neurocare Ankle Boots – 2-Port Controller, 2 Boots

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100% Warranty

All our products are backed by a 100% Warranty for peace of mind.

Proprietary Pulsed Technology

Our Pulsed Frequency with PBM helps target various conditions.

“The team at Pulsed Neurocare is fabulous. They helped us implement our red light therapy protocols. We now help patients with red light therapy treatments and see great results.”

Dr. Busch

Ft. Wayne – Indiana

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Our job does not end when you order your system, but rather it begins. We are here for you and will coach you through the process of using this equipment with your home care and will provide you lifestyle tips to further add to the success of your self-care.

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