Suffering With Neuropathy Pain?

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Pulsed Neurocare 2 port controller
and 2 neuropathy ankle boots

$995 + tax & shipping

Pulsed Neurocare 2 port controller
and 1 Lumbar/Nerve pad

$995 + tax & shipping

Millions of Americans Live with Pain. You have healthy Options Pulsed Neurocare can help.

2-Port Controller, 2 Boots

ONLY $995

The Pulsed Neurocare Ankle-High 240 boots feature 120 dual chipsets delivering 240 flat and comfortable diodes which makes the Pulsed boot the most powerful and advanced peripheral neuropathy boot system on the market…Period!

Our boots are so powerful you can use them anywhere on your body that needs some pain relief.


Designed and engineered in the USA

Other uses for your Ankle-High 240 boots

Our Guarantee

Pulsed Neurocare LED therapy systems are highest quality, advanced and affordable Photobiomodulation (light therapy) boot systems on the market. Maintaining our elite status is not taken lightly and we continue to strive to improve the technology and protocols at our Pulse Centers. Our job does not end when you order your system, but rather it begins. We are here for you and will coach you through the process of using this equipment with your home care and will provide you lifestyle tips to further add to the success of your self-care.

pulsed neurocare center florida

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